Revised Edition Production Notes

If you’ve read Unfinished Acts before, you might notice some things are different in this revised edition.

For starters, since its original printing, one of the main contributors was identified as having a pattern of sexual assault. After this person demonstrated no commitment to changing this pattern, he was asked not to show his face in our circles, and some of us committed to no longer distribute his writing. To this end, the writings and drawings of this contributor have been removed from this edition. While we have no illusions that these actions are necessarily effective in diminishing his future potential to do harm in other communities, we feel it is important to honor the collective decisions agreed upon by the majority of his former friends and comrades. The necessity of implementing this decision was the catalyst for the republishing of Unfinished Acts.

In light of the great number of rebels running in the streets of Oakland this last year, we also feel that now is an ideal moment to highlight ways in which the Oscar Grant movement prefigured much of the contemporary activity that has put Oakland at the forefront of social struggle in this country. We have added significant content to this end, as well as noted changes and developments from the last three years. However, we have strived to keep the Acts themselves in tact as important historical documents.

August 2012

notesNo copyright. Copy, print and distribute at will. The rights to all the original photos belong to the photographers.

If you currently distribute older versions of Unfinished Acts please replace those with this edition.

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