Act 2 Scene 4


“Reporting live, NBC Bay Area’s George Kiriyama is in the crowd with them. George tell us a little bit about the anger and what’s happening and what they want.”

“We kind of stopped at the intersection now near Madison and 8th in downtown Oakland. Their goal is to get to BART police headquarters to have their wishes known that they want justice for Oscar Grant’s family. That was a chant they were chanting for about 20 minutes, ‘We are all Oscar Grant!’ over and over again. That says it all right there. I just got out of the car. The crowd right now is surrounding a police vehicle, I can’t see what’s behind the top of the crowd. They are chanting ‘No Justice! No Peace.’ Motorists are stuck at this intersection and can’t get anywhere because the crowd is blocking the way to go forward. They are surrounding a police car. Now they have… it has been set on fire!”

“They’ve set what on fire?”

“They’ve set a dumpster on fire in the middle of this intersection and now they are on top of the police car, they are jumping on the police car. This crowd has gotten rowdy now.”

“George, where is the police officer? WHERE IS THE OFFICER?”

“The officer… I can not see over the top of people’s heads. Now they are throwing stuff, they have just thrown what appears to be a rock at the police vehicle, they are vandalizing; they are damaging the police vehicle.”

“This has obviously taken a very ugly turn at this point, we can see the fire, which is in that dumpster you were talking about, on the police car. Uh… George can you move closer and give us a better perspective? We can see them rocking the police car now.”

“The police car is getting trashed by the protestors. They are throwing stuff. They have broken the windows. They look like they wanna topple this police car. If they do that it may hit some of the cars in this intersection here. Some of the cars are backing up right now because they are afraid that if this crowd topples over the police car it is going to go on top of their car. This crowd has turned ugly in the last few seconds. They have brought the dumpster to within feet of where the cars are right now. The dumpster is totally on fire right in front of the police car.”

“George do you have any idea where the police officer is, what is the status of the officer?”

“They are just… right… looks like the poli…wow… I GOT HIT, I got hit by a…”

“George you’ve been hit !?”

“I got hit by a beanbag in my arm! The police are shooting into the intersection! The police are shooting into the intersection to disperse this crowd! I just got hit in my arm!”

“George you need to move away. You need to back away! Move away George!”

End scene.

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